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The universal centre invites " the Sakhalin House of the Life "
южносахалинцев and visitors of city
To take advantage of services of a consumer services
And trading numbers(lines).
We are glad you to see daily,
From 09.00 till ,
On Saturday from 09.00 till ,
On Sunday
From 10.00 till .

The universal centre " the Sakhalin House of the Life " has started
To stage-by-stage reconstruction
With preservation of a mode of operation of tenants.

Shop " Эридан-spectrum "
Wide range of household chemical goods, perfumery and cosmetics.
At us you will find female linen
Manufactures of Byelorussia, Baltic, Italy.
We are open in the House of the Life,
On 2-nd floor,
Daily from 10.00 till ,
Without dinner and days off.

In the universal centre " the Sakhalin House of a life " has flung open doors shop " For you "-элитное female linen.
We wait for you on 3 floor, at office 311 in business hours of the universal centre.

Offers: tailoring of female, man's and children's clothes. Tailoring and repair of products from natural fur, tanned sheepskin coats and leather products. Repair of all kinds of clothes.
We wait for you to the address:
The house of a life, 4-th floor,
Office 415 "А",
On Monday - Saturday from 10.00 till ,
On Sunday from 11.00 till ,
The phone 72-28-43

On a ground floor the supermarket of footwear "FAST WALKER" has opened. A wide choice of footwear for women and men.
We invite you to a ground floor of the House of a life, офис120
Daily from 10.00 till ,
On Saturday from 10.00 till ,
On Sunday from 10.00 till
PRESS About Competition of Children's figure
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Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk today from 07.06.07.
Give a dummy and … gouache

Competition of figures " our house - Sakhalin ", thought up by employees of the universal centre " the Sakhalin House of a life ", has drawn attention of hundreds island young artists, including of those whom just right to bring
In the Book of records Гиннесса …
In the heat of day about one and a half hours work of the House of a life was in essence paralysed. More than hundreds tenants of one Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk from the most cash universal centres hopelessly lost the buyers and customers. But anybody thus did not long, that the proceeds in the first day of a summer(years) appear below usual.
However, how to know - it is quite possible, that in a result of day they even, on the contrary, have won, because after the expiration of those one and a half hours all four floors of the universal centre were covered with a powerful wave of a human tsunami. And on what streams and where she(it) was then broken, as they say, one god knows …
The idea to organize and lead(and carry out) in walls of a native building competition of children's figure at employees of the House of a life was born for a long time. On the one hand, it would be desirable to pay attention to how many talented children live in the regional centre, and with another … And with another - to adopt experience of foreign colleagues which already for a long time allocate in the largest department stores, shopping centers of a place under exposition halls where works of painters are shown, diagrams, sculptors, photomasters, designers … For the regional centre, last years practically lost majority of the exhibition areas, such offer appeared as it is impossible by the way. Especially June, 1, when on tradition the International day of protection of children is marked.
By this day the House of a life has decided to declare competition of children's figure " our house - Sakhalin " which has caused extraordinary interest, and not only at южносахалинцев, but also at ребятишек from other areas of island. In total on competition has acted(arrived) more than 400 works (including having and collective authors). So can present, that was created at a крыльца-stage of the House of a life when at the appointed o'clock to it(him) were flew down not only all these authors, their parents, teachers and tutors, but also free from workers has put the townspeople!
All of them were invited to an exhibition of children's works. But before to fling open for visitors of a door on the second, third and fourth floors of the House of a life where the exposition was placed, the cheerful show - program was submitted to them. The Fairy of paints, cat Леопольд have taken part in it(her) with mice - wreckers, others well familiar under books and cartoon films fantastic heroes. Ростовые moving people - dolls were replaced by executors modern ball and jazzes - dances, circus numbers … And all this, certainly, alternated representation and rewarding of participants of large-scale competition.
- The remained to time about day of summarizing less, the more we understood, that it is obviously not enough planned number of diplomas and prizes for children, - the manager of the universal centre not hiding the satisfaction speaks " the Sakhalin House of a life ", the main initiator of exhibition - competition " our house - Sakhalin " Vladimir Sokolov. - As consequence(investigation), to us was necessary to order 42 colourful diplomas with which were awarded both collective, and individual participants. Among them there were guys from children's homes and boarding schools, schools general educational and art, kindergartens. Besides certificates on participation magnificent pies were entrusted children. The mite in наградное business was brought also by the information sponsors of the past competition who has in addition noted those who him(it) has especially attracted.
It is necessary to tell, that the action(share) on which for some reason it would not be desirable to put a state signature stamp "charitable", have supported practically all "tenants" of the House of a life. Someone from them helped money, someone - toys, someone generously filled in bags the fragrant priest - корн. Having learned(found out) about idea of competition, the contribution to him(it) those who, in general, has no to the House of a life of any attitude(relation), for example have brought also cafe " dominoes ".
But the most pleasant, that as a whole insignificant at first sight event was ignored with people invested with authority. Opening a holiday, the mayor of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Andrey Lobkin, for example, has expressed hope, that " the new exhibition will stay talents of the future Репиных, Левитанов and Манткав ". And deputies of regional Duma Zhanna of Ivanov and Sergey Ponomarev became those wizards who under a sight of hundreds children's eyes took from envelopes (well just as on delivery "Ники" or "Оскара"!) leaflets with names of best of the best young artists from 2 till 14 years.
At the grown-ups has won 13-years Аня Шабырова from Корсакова, many adult judges have recognized work which "Fishermen" close to professional. In an average age category the first place was unanimously awarded 10-years Глебу Куликовскому from the regional centre (a landscape " the Sakhalin morning "). Well and among kids the main award has got Косте Старинцу. Five years' южносахалинца birds arriving(flying) on island (the work it(he) has named " Swan lake ") have inspired.
- Establishing the bottom age border for kids, we if it is frank, doubted, that we shall receive many figures from two-year-old artists, - Vladimir Sokolov smiles. - But as they say, were mistaken. Moreover, present our surprise when in the competitive commission work Лизы Благодатновой which from a sort … two months and 20 days has acted(arrived). We should accept her(it) гуашевое " Knowledge of the world " not place work at our exhibition, and then and to not hand over parents малышки the special award. However, such special awards (" For originality in the decision of a theme ", " For love to native edge(territory) ", " For creative diligence " etc.) Was there is enough. Without gifts in this day, I shall notice, there was no of participants of competition. On road to expocentres of guys for sweet and surprisingly tasty soda water under same to competition by the name " our house - Sakhalins " waited. This exclusive drink specially to a holiday was let out by experts корсаковского a factory " Northern star ". And bottles with freshening газводой, "composed" without any chemistry on the basis of natural cowberry juice, decorated labels with reproductions of works of boys and little girls of one city from kindergartens.
These figures also have come in the basic exposition, with which it will be possible to get acquainted (and to leave record about the impressions in also specially made firm visitors' book) within all summer(years). Thus Vladimir Sokolov has paid attention that in July the part of works will be replaced. That, despite of efforts, and have failed to place on walls and show-windows today.
… When the spectator stream has reached the fourth floor, I have decided to take an interest at one of young men of the hour: " And what such Day of protection of children? " Not delaying, young talent has blurted out: " it Is our professional holiday! "
Well, it is possible to agree and with such decision of a question, but for some reason it seems to me, that June, 1 is, faster, our parental "professional" holiday. All adults who is obliged to care of children and to do(make) their happy, and not only once in one year.
So, to whom to accept relay race kind has put?
Alexey ДВОРКИН, Victor's ТИТОВА Photo, the Newspaper " Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk today ".
June, 7 2007г.

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