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The universal centre invites " the Sakhalin House of the Life "
южносахалинцев and visitors of city
To take advantage of services of a consumer services
And trading numbers(lines).
We are glad you to see daily,
From 09.00 till ,
On Saturday from 09.00 till ,
On Sunday
From 10.00 till .

The universal centre " the Sakhalin House of the Life " has started
To stage-by-stage reconstruction
With preservation of a mode of operation of tenants.

Shop " Эридан-spectrum "
Wide range of household chemical goods, perfumery and cosmetics.
At us you will find female linen
Manufactures of Byelorussia, Baltic, Italy.
We are open in the House of the Life,
On 2-nd floor,
Daily from 10.00 till ,
Without dinner and days off.

In the universal centre " the Sakhalin House of a life " has flung open doors shop " For you "-элитное female linen.
We wait for you on 3 floor, at office 311 in business hours of the universal centre.

Offers: tailoring of female, man's and children's clothes. Tailoring and repair of products from natural fur, tanned sheepskin coats and leather products. Repair of all kinds of clothes.
We wait for you to the address:
The house of a life, 4-th floor,
Office 415 "А",
On Monday - Saturday from 10.00 till ,
On Sunday from 11.00 till ,
The phone 72-28-43

On a ground floor the supermarket of footwear "FAST WALKER" has opened. A wide choice of footwear for women and men.
We invite you to a ground floor of the House of a life, офис120
Daily from 10.00 till ,
On Saturday from 10.00 till ,
On Sunday from 10.00 till
PRESS About Competition of Children's figure
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Press about competition
Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk today from 07.06.07.
Provincial sheets from 05.06.2007.
The press-service of administration of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk
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